DCR Accepting Applications for Partnerships Matching Funds Program

Chosen projects to benefit local state parks and other facilities

BOSTON — Continuing to foster public-private partnerships, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) today announced it is accepting applications for the Fiscal Year 2020 Partnerships Matching Funds Program. The program, which allocates approximately $1 million in matching funds, assists in the financing of capital projects throughout the state parks system that are proposed by park advocacy groups, civic and community organizations, institutions, businesses, municipal governments, and dedicated individuals with an interest in improving the Commonwealth’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources.

“The Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Partnerships Matching Funds Program enables dedicated groups and individuals to partner with the agency to enhance the Commonwealth’s state parks system for residents,” said DCR Commissioner Leo Roy. “The Baker-Polito Administration continues to prioritize public-private partnerships to leverage important funds to assist in the shared stewardship of our state parks, beaches, forests, reservations, and other facilities.”

Recently, the Baker-Polito Administration announced the awarding of $990,582 to twenty-five Massachusetts municipalities, non-profit organizations, and other entities as part of the Fiscal Year 2019 Partnerships Matching Funds Program. Previously selected projects have included:

  • The development of new maps and brochures for park trails;
  • The restoration of historic park features;
  • The installation of exterior park fixtures, such as water fountains;
  • The construction of trail and path enhancements; and
  • The planting of trees and other landscape improvements.

DCR’s Partnerships Matching Funds Program provides a dollar-for-dollar match to successful applicants (select projects will be considered for a two-to-one dollar match), and the agency will consider projects that may require more than one year to plan and complete. Since the Baker-Polito Administration came into office, nearly $7 million has been invested to improve the Massachusetts state parks system through the Partnerships Matching Funds Program.

Projects proposed within the state parks system are thoroughly reviewed by agency staff and approved by the DCR Commissioner. Once selected, the Department matches the private investment in the park. All projects are managed by the DCR to oversee the implementation of the project in close consultation with contributing partners and other stakeholders. Conceptual applications are due by Friday, April 12, 2019. Project Concept Forms can be completed online and applicants may attach documents to the online application. For additional information please contact Mary Catherine McLean at marycatherine.mclean@mass.gov.