Enjoy some of the scenes from the 10th Annual Gathering of the Friends Network by viewing the slide show below.

Minutes from the Gathering may be found here.

Action Items for 2018

  • Support the ELM campaign, Share Your Story: https://www.environmentalleague.org/whats-your-ma-park-story/
  • Advocate for DCR budget increase with a focus on returning DCR staffing to 1990 levels
  • Support Pioneer Valley and the Central Mass Regional Planning developing a state-wide trails initiative, including funding for a statewide trail mapping system
  • Engagement opportunity: ›Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP), EEA strategy for climate change vulnerability assessments at a local level—http://dcrfriendsnetwork.org/municipal-vulnerability-preparedness-program/
  • Develop coordinated “Storybook Trails” across the Commonwealth with DCR and other partners
  • Support an update of Article 97, HD2334/SD389: An Act to Protect the Natural Resources of the Commonwealth/Public Lands Preservation Act, https://ma-smartgrowth.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/S81.pdf
  • Work with Nick Connors to organize a DCR and Friends/Volunteer conference Spring 2018
  • Build Friends groups’ capacity, seek grants to assist in the upkeep of DCR properties

2017 Presentations (see Minutes for the complete list of presentations and corresponding information).