Friends Awards October 24, 2009

Massachusetts Forest and Park Friends Network
Volunteer of the Year. 

Claudia Hurley

Why Claudia Hurley received the award (as written by her nominators):

  • Beneficial in creating the image that “We” the people will not give up on the forestry issues in the State
  • Saving our open space is so important to her it’s become her full time job, including overtime and all with out pay
  • Investigating and researching, reaching out to various experts for answers
  • Willingness to listen to all perspectives and interest groups (including state officials and private forestry interests) has contributed enormously to the DCR Forest Vision and changes in DCR’s land management approach
  • Helped start friends of Robinson State Park.

Friends Awards 2011

The Massachusetts Forest and Park Friends Network Volunteers of the Year. Recipients were recognized at the Friends Network Conference, October 22, 2011.

Paul Loiselle (photo top left with Linda Loiselle and Friends of Scusset Beach Secretary Linda Porazzo)

Nan Finkenaur

Dr. Manuel Luciano da Silva

Congratulations to the Massachusetts Forest and Park Friends Network 2011 Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Friends of the Year

John De Costa, Park Supervisor of Scusset Beach Reservation

Alec Gillman, Mount Greylock State Reservation, DCR CCC Program Committee Coordinator

Tim Rayworth, Northeast Region, Member DCR CCC Program Committee (photo bottom left with Friends Network Facilitator Ellen Arnold)

Timothy Zelazo, District Manager, North Berkshire District

The DCR Civilian Conservation Corps Program Committee

Friends Awards 2012

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